More, Better Leads!

Many volumes have been written about the fact that there is sometimes disagreement between sales and marketing departments about lead quantity and quality; I have nothing new under the sun to add to this topic. I just want to take this opportunity to say to my sales brethren out there; “I understand now.” In particular, … Continue reading More, Better Leads!


Patience and Persistence are Virtues in PR

Back in the day when I was director of marketing and PR for Zoo New England (the non-profit that runs the Franklin Park and Stone Zoos in metro Boston) editors and producers paid attention to my media pitches. Why? Because it's a high profile organization; the media and the public at large know the zoos; and … Continue reading Patience and Persistence are Virtues in PR

Good Web Copy is Good for Business

No matter what your small business offers, it's essential to have a web site to attract and inform your prospects, because most people go to the Web first to find products and services. Ergo, small business owners should put their best foot forward with a well-written web site. And, it's not enough to slap together a static "brochure-ware" site; you … Continue reading Good Web Copy is Good for Business